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Tinkerbell Fairy Barbie Dress Up | Fairy Games | Cupcake Dressup


Category: Fairy
Description: barbie loves some magic in her life and she wouldn’t mind dressing up like tinkerbell. help her get that fabulous fairy look. choose some very colorful dresses that will really bring charm to her outfit. try a pretty yellow top with flowers on the lines and a fiery orange skirt and complete her look with a golden tiara and a big ruby. you can also try a fabulous pink dress with glitter, pearls and a bit of purple. put some pink roses in her hair. the true tinkerbell is usually dressed up in green, so try a green dress with leaves and gold outlines with little red gems and some blue layers on the bottom. you can pair up a turquoise and yellow dress on one shoulder with a pair of delicate wings in the same colors. don’t forget her magic wand! have a blast!

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