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Barbie Fairytale Bride | Fashion Games | Cupcake Dressup


Category: Fashion
Description: barbie has barely had any time to even consider what kind of bridal dress she will wear at her fairytale wedding, let alone hunt for it. can you give her some dress up suggestions, girls? she will look exquisite in a fairytale princess bride outfit, don't you agree? a gorgeous white mermaid dress or a sparkling fairy bride gown are fashion fabulous alternatives. dress up barbie in the most beautiful bride attire ever. her wish is to walk down the aisle dressed up in crystal clear white and there are lots of white wedding dresses to choose from. accessorize each gown with matching high heel shoes or sandals, colorful stockings, fur collar scarf and flower bouquet, fancy veil, princess hairstyle and jewelry. combine each top with the perfect skirt as well. have a blast playing our brand new dress up game!

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