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Barbie Rock Diva | Fashion Games | Cupcake Dressup


Category: Fashion
Description: dress up barbie in dazzling rock diva outfits mixing and matching the clothes, shoes and accessories from her concert wardrobe. during her performance she will change her attire various times. use your fashion stylist skills to design her stage outfits, proving everybody she is not only a rock diva but also a fashion diva. barbie will shine like a true star in that pink or green sequin mini dress. turn her into a glam fashionista matching those sequin dresses with the right pair of shoes, studs and hairstyle. an eccentric lady gaga style look will suit her perfectly. find the perfect over top, skirt, leggings or pants for each extravagant top and hairdo. get the party started but not before accessorizing each attire with a guitar and microphone. have a fabulous time playing this hot new dress up game!

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