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C A Cupid Beauty Care | Makeover Games | Cupcake Dressup


Category: Makeover
Description: you run a beauty parlour in the city. it is quite famous. people would flock to the parlour every day. no wonder, on sunday the whole place is filled with young women. the princess of the neighbouring country is coming to visit your home town. the name of the beauty parlour is “cupid beauty care”. the princess is very much aware your name and name. to your surprise the princess is at the beauty parlour. make use of all the cosmetics and make the young princess prettier. first of all wash the face gently. it is time to apply cream on the face. after it dries off, rinse the face thoroughly. clear all the pimples using the specific instrument. follow the instructions carefully to satisfy the young lass. trim the eye-brow and apply the cream to remove the dark circle of the eyes. keep two pieces of cucumber on the eyes. let her rest for a while. as a completion of the session do makeover on the princess. choose a very good colourful dress that suits the complexion of the princess. select a glittering necklace

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