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Hollywood Beauty Secrets | Makeover Games | Cupcake Dressup


Category: Makeover
Description: carlie is a new, rising star in hollywood, being perfect for comedies. she is seen everywhere. at tonight shows, having a great time with the host, on the red carpet always sparkling or on the movie set, entertaining the whole crew with her fine her personal stylist for today and start the day at the spa, giving her a refreshing facial, steam baths, nourishing masks and hydrating face cream. than give her a total makeover, starting with her hairdo and finishing up with her puckered lips. you'll find everything you need: eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss, blush. also, remember to accessorize her really nicely according to the event she is heading. you'll have on the left side a cool bar. when you're choosing the right item in her makeover the bar will fill up. it's simple as that. user your fashionista skills and prepare carlie for a long, stylish day! enjoy hollywood beauty secrets!

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