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Cinderella Difference | Princess Games | Cupcake Dressup


Category: Princess
Description: i believe that you have heard about the cinderella fairytale. here you can play one very fun game with cinderella named cinderella difference game. you have to find the differences in two pictures in the given time. use the left click of your mouse to click on the difference when you spot one. try not to make mistakes; if you click 5 times on the wrong place you will lose the game. this game has five levels to pass, in each level there are two pictures where you have to find 5 differences. concentrate and find the differences in the given time or you can remove the time and play relaxed. when you find a difference click on it and if it is correct it will get green in the button below, but if it is wrong then it will get red in the button below. have fun!

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